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Founded in 2020, Gneiss Spice and Eggs serves our local community to provide quality, fresh products. We aim to transform the way you think about your eggs and dried herbs . Our eggs are gathered by chickens that are named for their individual characteristics.  Our herbs are dried the old fashioned way, with minimal processing that preserves their unique flavor.  We’re committed to our customers needs, so continue browsing our site and get in touch for more information.


Featured layer!


Junior was named in the spirit our favorite chicken Nuz who passed away last year.  They both have a beautiful ring of orange feathers around their necks and Junior is off to a fast start with her delicious brown eggs!


-Genovese Basil -Sweet Basil -Parsley -Oregano-Cilantro -Thai Basil -Dill -Thyme -Spearmint -Lemon Balm - Chives -Opal Basil 


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